Outreach and Fundraising


Virtual/Online Outreach Activities

*Even during the current COVID-19 pandemic, our team hosted STEM outreach activities. We joined other top FIRST teams in conducting free nationwide online workshops to continue spreading FIRST and FIRST Tech Challenge.

Outreach event - june 12, 2021

Capital Bots participated and shared the team experiences in the COVID affected Ultimate Goal season. Many teams from across the globe participated in this event as presenters, with over 120 attendees. It was a great event where we were able to interact, learn and make connections with great FTC teams.

Virtual Robotics Showcase Event - Hosted by Capital Bots

Outreach Hours: 75 Hours

Audience: 53 students/adults across the country

Collaborated with LegoNardo Da Vinci FLL team

Provided introduction to robotics, FTC, and FLL competitions. We showed live robot demos.

Some were interested in joining an FLL team or requested an internship opportunity with our team.

Inspired the creation of several FLL teams for the upcoming year.

Onsite Robotics Showcase Event - Hosted by Capital Bots

Outreach Hours: 20 Hours

Audience: 8 kids from 2 FLL teams

The team provided an overview of FTC and demonstrated the Robot

The team built a separate robot to give kids hands-on experience driving the robot.

Game Changers - Season Debrief

Video Presentation

Slide Presentation

Tournament Debreif: Capital Bots

Latest breaking updates from FIRST (As of Sept 8, 2020)

FIRST is extending our 2020-2021 event season for all programs through the end of June 2021 and moving the 2021 FIRST Championship from April 2021 to later in the year. The new timelines for the 2021 FIRST Championship are:

Mid-July: Houston, Texas - Early-August: Detroit, Michigan

FIRST may need to make further adjustments to FIRST Championship, including adjusting invitation and attendance criteria to allow for event scaling. We will share more details on the 2021 FIRST Championship, including specific dates, as they become available. Read frequently asked questions about 2021 FIRST Championship. Read frequently asked questions about 2021 FIRST Championship.

As previously announced, we’re excited to launch the FIRST Remote Event Hub this fall as an event option for FIRST® LEGO® League and FIRST® Tech Challenge. It will make the experience as close as possible to a traditional FIRST program event for teams and volunteers, with the necessary modifications to accommodate a remote environment.

CAD AND 3D PRINTING CLASS - Online course hosted by our team

Date/Time: August 10-14, 9am to 12pm

Cost: $160

Recommended Age Group: 9 - 14 years old

Instructors: Neel Rajesh, and Anteo Jafari

Description: This course will give students the ability to use a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software known as Fusion 360. It will go through the ins and outs of the software, and by the end of the course, students will be able to design fairly complex parts. In addition to teaching students about Fusion, it will go over a step-by-step tutorial on how to turn your design into a 3D-printed model. (We partnered with Curie Learning Center to increase the amount of students.)


Day 1 - Introduction to CAD and Software Setup

Day 2 - Creating more objects in CAD

Day 3 - Creating more complex objects in CAD

Day 4 - Stress Testing and Introduction to 3D-Printing

Day 5 - 3D-Printing

Money raised(total): $2025.42

Total students: 16

Total outreach hours: 61

Introduction and Strategies of Success: FTC Workshop

Here is the link to watch the Intro to FTC and Strategies of Success online workshop recording:

We created this workshop to share the knowledge and experience we gained through our participation in FIRST competitions over the past five years. This was especially useful for new teams joining FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) as well as current FIRST Lego League (FLL) teams planning to transition to FTC. There were 20+ participants during the live presentation, representing various FTC and FLL teams. We talked about the overall aspects of FTC and identified specific strategies that could help a rookie team reach success. Our panel also answered several interesting questions. The recording of the presentation and Q&A session has been posted on our team YouTube channel for a wider audience.

How to Design Custom Parts and Resilient Subsystems Using Fusion 360 (A Computer Aided Design Software)

Link for the recording of our online CAD workshop:

We created this workshop in a similar format to our first online event, but it was centered around the topics of the Engineering Design process and CAD. We talked about key aspects of the design process and went in depth about creating basic structures, specific joints, and stress testing. There were 30+ attendees who were very engaged and we answered many questions. The video recording of this presentation along with a Q & A session has been posted on our team YouTube channel for a wider audience.

FTC Skystone Recap Showcase (2020)

Our team was invited to present a slideshow about our Skystone season at a showcase led by Team Wolf Corp. There were about 10 other teams who presented, and multiple viewers. We spoke about the highlights of the season, the robot evolution, outreach events we conducted, and the awards we won. We listened to other teams’ experiences, as there were teams from all over the world: South Africa, Mexico, Australia, and mostly the USA. We are very thankful to Wolf Corp for inviting us to the showcase, and we hope to collaborate with these teams in the future. Audience: 10 FTC Teams from around the world and additional viewers.

Video recording is here: https://youtu.be/N26-Z8Ce4MY


Online Connect Event - Discussion event with a Robotics Engineer @ Bossa Nova

We met with Sindhura Chayapathy, a Robotics Engineer from Bossa Nova Robotics, which is a company directly correlated with Carnegie Mellon University. She got her B.E. in Telecommunications Engineering at PE University in Banglore from 2008-2012. She then became an engineer at Tejas Networks in Banglore and worked under the Ethernet Protocol Group subject from 2012-2014. She went back to school at Carnegie Mellon University and got an M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from 2015-2016, and from there, she was introduced to the company Bossa Nova Robotics, where she works today (started the job from 2016). Sindhura described the robots that she deals with and stressed on how the robots operate in terms of mapping a building ("estimating its location in a given environment"). Her responsibilities include:

  • Mapping a new store

  • Updating robot firmware

  • Ensuring that robots are localized to perform tasks

She also told us that in order to deliver a successful robot, there are 6 teams involved:

  • Hardware

  • Embedded software

  • Mapping and Localization (Sindhura's job)

  • Navigation

  • Perception

  • HRI (human-robot interaction)

She was also part of two projects that were published. The first one was published in October of 2016, and it was about "Indoor pedestrian localization using range-only sensors." The second one was published in April of 2018, and the main idea was "Optimizing Beacon placement for ranging-based localization." She also did a third project "Simultaneous localization and mapping using range-only sensors in indoor environments."

We all were able to ask questions and gained insight into how to improve our Autonomous algorithms for the upcoming challenge.

Online Connect Event - Discussion event with a Computer Vision Engineer @ Amazon Robotics

We held an online meeting with a Computer Vision engineer at Amazon Robotics, Vikedo Terhuja. We took turns asking him questions we had prepared such as: Why did you decide to become a CV engineer? What do you like most about your job? Where do you see automation in the future?

Mr. Terhuja answered our questions in detail, explaining the different projects he is working on and how CV is applied at Amazon Robotics. We were very grateful that he was able to speak to us, and we were able to spark new ideas to apply to our robot.



3D printing booth at Haycock Elementary School STEM Night (2019) - Free

We provided a live demonstration of the 3D printing process by setting up our 3D printer.We showed a demo of the printer making a toy. We explained the 3D printing process to the kids. There were many engaged students, and we had 15 kids sign up for a potential 3D printing class that we were planning to host. We also held a small booth on the side with a tri-fold explaining our journey through FTC. We raised awareness about FIRST programs to help people join/create teams. We had over 50 people attend our booth.

Introduction to Robotics and FIRST Programs - Free (September 2019)

We conducted a free event at our local library and invited friends and neighbors. We also handed out flyers to parents and kids visiting the library. We gave an introduction about the FTC robotics competition, the challenges, our design process, and how we built and programmed the robot. We allowed kids to drive around our robot, and spoke with them about joining and starting FIRST teams. We had over 30 kids attend our event at Reston Regional Library.

Free Robotics Training (December 2018)

In this event, we taught kids about basic programming, demonstrated our robot and let them drive the robot. We also presented our design process and the engineering notebook. We had over 50 kids attend our event at Herndon Fortnightly Library.